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Gateway is a 12 month residential education / vocational program designed to restore people to the community.

Clients in the Gateway residential program are provided with food, shelter, services, and case management support while first participating in educational, vocational, and life skills training classes prior to conducting work search.    Support and recovery groups as well as counseling and mentoring services are available.

During the first 6 months of the Gateway Program, clients concentrate on education and / or vocational skills training.  After enrollment, education and work skills are assessed.  Transcripts are obtained for those without high school diplomas who then enroll at a local adult public school to earn the necessary credits to graduate or participate in onsite GED test preparation classes to prepare for the certification exam.  Onsite classes in math, English, social science, computer literacy as well as tutoring by volunteer retired teachers provide additional help with homework and test prep.  Those clients already possessing a high school diploma may attend certified job training classes to acquire additional vocational skills to improve work prospects.  Clients also attend onsite life skills classes in grief recovery, anger management, processing, and financial management to develop the tools for successful community reintegration.

During the last program phase, clients enroll at the local workforce development center to receive special work search training and counseling while seeking employment.  They then move forward to conduct work search in order to obtain steady income and acquire savings prior to transitioning to permanent housing.

The Gateway Program is a secular program.  All services are provided free of charge to all arriving in need regardless of  gender, national origin, ethnic background, social economic group, religion or age group.


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