Phone: (760) 347-3512

The New Life Program is a faith-based, residential program for men and women seeking to change their lives.

Whether they have been struggling with addictions, depression or caught in the cycle of joblessness and homelessness, individuals with a sincere desire to change are welcomed into this year long program. They learn to take responsibility for their actions, to re-learn values and work ethics, and to seek a new direction for their futures.

New Life Program Participants have the opportunity to:

  • Identify factors contributing to their homelessness and develop a plan to overcome barriers to leading a productive life.
  • Receive Christ-centered mentoring, discipleship and counseling.
  • Attend life-skills classes that include anger management, 12-steps, budgeting, conflict resolution, boundaries, etc.
  • Attend adult education and GED preparation.
  • Attend recovery support groups and work with referred agencies to address health, housing and legal issues.
  • Attend job preparation classes and participate in work therapy.
  • Learn how to manage their income to support future housing needs.
  • Locate a supportive church and attend Mission chapel services.

Residents are ready to continue their program outside of the Mission and live independently once they have retained:

  • Employment
  • Enough savings to be self sufficient
  • Safe housing
  • Support Network

Those who have transitioned out of the Mission are encouraged to return for further counseling, classes and service opportunities.


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