COVID-19 Current Updates

March 24, 2020

As of 3/17/2020, we have canceled all volunteer opportunities until further notice.

We are still serving meals to the clients who live on campus in our kitchen. We are serving the public with “to go” meals.

We are currently not allowing the public to come in for the Market run, however, we are giving food boxes to the public on Wednesdays.

March 23, 2020

Dear Friends,

I’ve spent the last several days in prayer as the COVID-19 outbreak has escalated throughout the world and our country. I’m reaching out today to assure you that Coachella Valley Rescue Mission remains fully committed to serving our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

To date, no known cases of the coronavirus have been identified at CVRM facilities, and we pray none develop. To ensure the safety of our guests and staff, we are actively working with the Riverside County Public Health Department, our city officials, and the Governor’s office on best practices for our shelters. With their guidance, we have developed emergency response plans and other protective measures. We covet your prayers during this new, uncertain time.

I expect you feel the stress of this outbreak, and perhaps it’s caused a major disruption to your family and way of life. Even so, I humbly ask you to remember us today. Regardless of an external crisis, Coachella Valley Rescue Mission must continue serving men, women, and children with nowhere else to go. We are their safety net. They have nowhere to turn except to CVRM. As precautions for our staff, clients, and volunteers, we had to temporarily suspend all volunteer involvement. Our staff will be stretched, as will our resources. We need your help right now.

Please pray protection over CVRM, and the precious clients we serve–many of whom have underlying health issues. We trust in God as our sustainer, provider, and healer.

And friend, I humbly ask that you give. This is an uncertain, economic time, and we fear that giving will drop when it is most needed…and we do not receive government money. To provide critical care and services our community relies on, we need your help. Will you give to CVRM today?

Friend, I know this a scary, unsettling time, but our good God is in control. And he is faithful.

Standing together for the good of our neighbors,