Meeting long-term needs for those in need.

Hundreds of men, women and children in the Coachella Valley are struggling with homelessness, poverty and other issues… every day

Your gifts make it possible to offer programs that guide men and women toward a brighter, more stable future as a contributing member of our community.

We offer 2 programs designed to help men and women
overcome their current struggles:


designed to restore people to the community by offering valuable job-readiness training.
Men and women in our Gateway Program are provided with food, shelter and case management support while receiving vocational preparation and life-skills training classes prior to conducting their work search. Support and recovery groups, as well as counseling and mentoring services, are available.


designed to restore people to their families and the community through a faith-based, residential program of classes, counseling and ongoing support.
Men and women in our New Life Programs are provided with food, shelter and case management support while receiving support as they break the cycle of homelessness, joblessness, poverty or addiction in their lives. They learn to take responsibility for their actions, to learn/re-learn values and work ethics, and to seek a new direction for their futures.

In addition, we offer our emergency shelter
clients long-term solutions such as:

  • Case management
  • Recovery Programming (including 12 Steps Meetings; individual & group sessions; grief/loss/trauma counseling)
  • Benefit enrollment (including EBT & SSI)
  • Housing assistance (including referrals to housing programs)


Our New Life Program is faith-based, while our Gateway Program is secular. Regardless, all services are provided free of charge to all arriving in need regardless of gender, national origin, ethnic background, social economic group, religion or age group. All are welcome here!