Sharing God’s grace by
serving people in need

Emergency services like hot meals and safe shelter. Medical care. Clothing. Vocational training. Recovery programs that transform lives.

We meet the needs of Coachella Valley’s homeless, hungry and hurting by providing basic needs today and help people build new lives for a brighter tomorrow.


We provide 30,000+ meals each month — 2 meals for the public a day & 3 meals for our residents a day.


We provide
emergency shelter for 300+ men, women and children a day.

We Help

We provide shelter, counseling & safety for struggling women with children.

We Create
Self Sufficiency

We provide recovery, education & vocational training for those seeking stability.

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Caught in a vicious cycle of addiction and heartache, Lynna came to the Mission. Here, her relationship with God has flourished.

Chris was exhausted from his struggles and searching for a way forward…